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Hello there! Thank you for stopping by. My name is Oindrila Ghosh. I am a PhD student in Environmental Engineering at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA. My research focuses on the fate and transport of persistent organic contaminants in the environment that tend to bioaccumulate in aquatic organisms like fish. I work on developing and optimizing methods of sampling these contaminants, performance monitoring of innovative environmental remediation technologies and risk assessment. To know more about my research work, you can check out my CV.


Art has been on my side since childhood. I grew up watching my father sketch occasionally from life and observing professional artists in the family work in their studios. Visualizing science through doodles to explain an idea or a concept has made me realize the power of illustrations as a medium of communication. Art has kept me company and proved to be therapeutic whenever I needed to take a break from the mundane lab chores. To know more about my journey as an illustrator, you can read this article.


As an illustrator and a student of science, I aim to use this platform to communicate my viewpoints, takeaways and interpretations from my life and my research through articles and fun graphics.


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